Emu Classic DK 100g

Emu Classic DK 100g


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Emu Classic DK Yarn

With its iconic metallic and monochrome silver ball band, Emu Classic DK yarn’s generous 100g balls have rapidly become a firm favourite for thousands of savvy UK knitters and crocheter’s who have made the switch. With a huge shade range, beautifully soft premium acrylic handle, wonderful stitch definition, and by being very easy to work with, it’s no surprise that Emu Classic DK is so popular.

Softness is always the defining characteristic of all Emu Classic ranges by customers when they pick up a ball. However, even though it is exceptionally soft, Emu Classic DK is also hugely versatile – fully machine washable at 40 degrees, it can be ironed at a low temperature, and it can even go in the tumble drier.
From scarves to shawls, blankets to boleros, cardigans to cushion covers, plant hangers to patchwork jumpers, you simply won’t find a better choice of premium acrylic everyday yarn than Emu Classic DK.


White 101, Cream 102, Softmint 103, Sugar Pink 104, Lemonade 105, Peachy 106, Lilac 107, Aqua 108, Baby Blue 109, Ballet 110, Biscotti 111, Peacan 113, Coral Fade 114, Pumpkin 115, Tiger 116, Carrot 117, Garnet 118, Pepper Red 119, Ruby 120, Fog 121, Flint 122, Black 123, Raspberry 124, Orchid 125, Bubblegum 126, Clover 128, Dusky 130, Cloudy Lilac 131, Amethyst 132, Thistle 133, Navy 134, Lapis 135, Admiral 137, Peacock 138, Azure 139, Cadet 140, Lawn 142, Glacier 143, Seafoam 144, Ivy 145, Herby 146, Dijon 147, Sunburst 148, Lemon 149, Cornsilk 150, Shamrock 190, Cloud191, Bark 192, Gold 193

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